The comprehensive security guard app.

A simple and efficient dispatch system designed to streamline security operations, featuring online scheduling, agent activity tracking, easy report generation, and more.

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CANdispatch includes three essential modules:



Effortlessly streamline shift management, optimize guard dispatching, and keep your team connected.


Guard App

Revolutionize security operations with tailored guard tours, proactive incident reporting, and multimedia support, all seamlessly managed from mobile devices.



Provides detailed security guard data and custom reports through a client portal, enhancing transparency, operational efficiency, and strategic adjustments.

Add-on modules for even greater capabilities:



Transform your Android device into a bodycam with CANcam, enabling security personnel to capture patrol videos.



Enhance your video management with centrally managed storage, providing valuable evidence for incidents or investigations.



Upgrade to enable license plate tracking for parkade management, warning and ticketing capabilities, online ticket payments, and valuable data analytics.


Streamline Scheduling, Save Time


Eliminate the hassle of manual scheduling and reduce administrative hours with our intuitive schedule builder.

  • View guard profiles to assign the best guard for each shift.
  • Publish up-to-date schedules, ensuring the right person is always in the right place at the right time.
  • Allow employees to access real-time schedules and shift summaries directly from their devices.
  • Automated notifications for patrol assignments or changes.
  • Dashboard for a high-level view of patrols and personnel.

Guard App

Enhance Your Patrols


The CANdispatch Guard App revolutionizes security operations by enabling tailored guard tours with defined checkpoints, facilitating proactive incident reporting, and ensuring seamless communication.

  • Define detailed guard tours
  • Log incidents
  • Submit report forms
  • Trigger alerts
  • Upload video and audio footage


Elevate Transparency with Comprehensive Analytics


The CANdispatch intelligence module automatically generates comprehensive security guard data into detailed reports, allowing your clients to log in via a dedicated portal to access this information.

There are three reports generated:

  • Activity Report: A comprehensive dashboard displaying all security guard patrols with detailed statistics for enhanced operational oversight.
  • Incident Report: Quick, accurate documentation of security incidents with detailed logs and evidence capture.
  • Performance Report: Detailed insights into the performance of each security guard, highlighting key metrics and areas for improvement.



Set New Standards in Security with CANdispatch Video Capabilities


CANdispatch stands out with its unique feature that allows security guards to record and upload incident videos from their mobile devices. This capability empowers security teams by enhancing situational awareness, decision-making, and overall service effectiveness.

  • Converts Android devices into bodycams for capturing patrol videos.
  • CANcam devices are portable and attachable to uniforms or vehicles.
  • Videos integrate with dispatch software for storage and review.
  • CANdds add-on manages CANcam video footage, offering both local and cloud storage options.
  • Organizes video footage by location, date, and other parameters.
  • Provides valuable incident evidence and supports both local and cloud storage for easy management.

Admin Suite

Comprehensive Administrative Features

The CANdispatch Admin Suite enhances security operations with efficient resource distribution, risk management, and comprehensive operational oversight.

Security Staff Scheduling & Dispatching

Ensure the right security guard is at the right site on time with an overview of guard shifts, officer availability, time-log tracking, skill matching, and efficient communication tools.

Client Management Tools

Easily manage clients and contacts with seamless integration of tools and information, ensuring smooth security business operations.

Integration with the CANapps suite

Access the CANapps SAAS suite, a comprehensive set of business tools designed to streamline various processes, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.

Experience the power of the CANdispatch Admin Suite and transform your security operations with cutting-edge scheduling, client management, and operational oversight tools.

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Pricing starting at $75

Bronze Tier

  • $75 per 1000 patrols/month
  • $4.95 per user
  • Unlimited client access
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Silver Tier

  • $75 per 1000 patrols/month
  • $4.95 per user
  • $40 for 100GB of video uploads
  • Unlimited client access
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Gold Tier

  • $75 per 1000 patrols/month
  • $4.95 per user
  • $110 for 1TB of video uploads
  • High performance Distributed Data System (DDS)
  • Unlimited client access
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