Our Security Guard App

A simple and efficient dispatch system designed to make security easy, quick, and straightforward, with online scheduling and tracking of agents' activities, effortless report generation, and the ability to monitor client properties.

CANdispatch Functional Modules

CANdispatch is designed to make it easy to schedule agents, track activities, and create reports. Protecting your clients and their property can be a tough job, let us take some of the worry out of it by knowing at a glance what’s happening with a client or location.

Scheduling of Patrols

Guard Tour Mobile Software

Reporting to Clients - Activity Rpt V3

CANcam support for patrol videos

CANdds - CANdispatch Video Management System

CANpark option

Our Projects

Unlimited Client Access
  • Unrestricted access to our services for all your needs
  • Conveniently access your subscriptions anytime, anywhere.
Video Upload Storage
  • Secure platform for storing and managing video content
  • Manage your video data from one centralized location
  • Scalable storage capacity for large amounts of data
  • Advanced security measures to protect data.
  • Android app that integrates with CANdispatch and DDS, simplifying video recording and management for enhanced security
  • User-friendly interface for easy video recording and uploading
  • Secure and centralized video storage and management
  • A comprehensive parkade management system that streamlines the ticketing and payment process
  • Streamlined ticket allocation, payment processing, and parking management for any event
  • Includes warning tickets, paid and unpaid tickets for efficient management of parking violations
  • Notes feature to adds additional information to each parking ticket, improving communication between organizers and attendees
  • Simplified partrol scheduling
  • A centralized platform for managing and organizing schedules
Reporting - Activity Rpt V3
  • Detailed and visually striking report of patrols
  • Email clients their respective reports
Admin View
  • Easily manage and oversee your administrative tasks and operations
  • A centralized platform for managing administrative data, facilitating efficient data organization and retrieval.
  • Enhances transparency and accountability by providing detailed reports on administrative activities.
  • Simplified patrol task checklists
  • Create detailed and comprehensive checklists for your guards to follow
  • Keep track of every task in the list
  • Get detailed reports for your checklist
  • Contactless technology to complete checklist tasks
  • Set up wireless tags that guards can scan to indicate task completion
My Hours
  • Is a user-friendly and customizable time-tracking solution that helps individuals and teams efficiently manage their work hours and productivity.
  • Offers an intuitive interface for tracking work hours, improving usability and accessibility.
  • Provides automatic notifications and reminders to reduce missed hours and improve productivity.
  • Enhances accuracy and completeness of work hour tracking by ensuring that all hours are accurately recorded.
  • Keep your employees up to date with latest information
  • Release company wide notifications for employees to view
Distributed Video Storage
  • Provides a scalable and reliable solution for storing and managing large-scale video data across multiple locations.
  • Offers distributed storage across multiple servers and locations, reducing the risk of data loss and improving accessibility.
  • Offers high-speed data transfer and processing, enabling quick and efficient access to video data.
Stats Summary
  • Provides a clear and concise overview of key performance metrics related to guard activities, enabling efficient monitoring of guard performance.
  • Enables real-time updates of important performance indicators such as patrol routes, shift schedules, and incident reports, helping to ensure timely response to security incidents.
  • Offers advanced data visualization tools such as charts, graphs, making it easy to interpret and analyze guard performance data.
Emailed Summary
  • Delivers a regular customized summary of key information directly to your inbox, ensuring that you stay informed and up-to-date
  • Offers a convenient way to review important updates and information in a single location, eliminating the need to search through multiple sources.




  • $75 per 1000 patrols / mth
  • $4.95 per user
  • $110 for 1TB of video uploads
  • High Performance Distributed Data System DDS
  • Unlimited client access


  • $75 per 1000 patrols / mth
  • $4.95 per user
  • $40 for 100GB of video uploads


  • $ 75 per 1000 patrols / mth
  • $4.95 per user
  • $4.95 per user
  • $4.95 per user

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